Gunawan Jusuf

If you want to have an idea just how difficult Gunawan Jusuf’s job is, consider the simple fact that The Sugar Group Companies is not actually a single company. Yes, that’s right; it’s not a single corporation with a single corporate structure. The Sugar Group Companies is actually a collection of separate, independent businesses that tend to operate both as single entities and also in concert to reach the goals of the overall company. That is a series of tasks that would scare just about any executive in the world, and et Gunawan Jusuf pulls it off and does so successfully.

It is perhaps his overall ability to make sure every employee, subsidiary company and office and plant in the company all work together in unison and for the greater good that represents Gunawan Jusuf’s greatest accomplishment as the leader of the Sugar Group Companies. How many other executives could take a bunch of independent companies and have them create many of the most popular products in a large consumer company? Not many, and that is why Gunawan Jusuf is so admired for his skill.