Gunawan Jusuf

These days. Gunawan Jusuf is best known as the Chief Executive Officer of the Sugar Group Companies. Because the Sugar Group isn’t a single company, but rather a collective of individual companies that grow and refine sugar products, he oversees many different people and corporate cultures in a way that benefits the bottom line of the entire organization. That includes a number of plantations, refineries, and a dozen or so offices located throughout Indonesia. Despite these types of complications, Gunawan Jusuf can point to is the enormous growth of many products as a sign of success. No product is bigger than Gulaku, a refined sugar product that is a household name all over Indonesia.

No one should be surprised that Gunawan Jusuf decided to publish a book entitled “Blue Gold” early in 2016. The book documents both the relative scarcity and the high value of water as the most important and precious commodity in the world. Given his business acumen, Gunawan understands better than most how precious and valuable natural resources can be and how easy it is to lose them.