Gunawan Jusuf, at the helm of the Sugar Group Companies, has played a pivotal role in fostering substantial growth within the Indonesian sugar industry. Among their many successful products, none shines brighter than Gulaku, a premium, commercially refined sugar brand that has grown to become a household name across the nation. Jusuf’s adept leadership extends to numerous other products within the Sugar Group portfolio, further solidifying his reputation as a visionary executive who comprehends the pivotal role of natural resources.

This profound understanding of resource significance prompted Gunawan Jusuf to author the book “Blue Gold.” In his comprehensive work, Jusuf explores the relative scarcity and immense value of water, recognizing it as our most precious and indispensable commodity. He underscores the importance of water not only as a fundamental element in all living organisms, including humans and animals, but also as a critical component in the business community, particularly within the Sugar Group Companies. In his role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jusuf comprehends that the sustainability of his business is intrinsically linked to a reliable supply of water for cultivating sugar cane.

The Sugar Group Companies comprise a consortium of independent entities involved in sugar cultivation and refining across plantations scattered throughout Indonesia. Gunawan Jusuf’s responsibilities extend to coordinating activities at dozens of offices across the country, harmonizing the efforts of various companies, all working towards a common goal. His adept leadership and understanding of resource management make him a remarkable figure in the sugar industry.