Gunawan Jusuf

In a harmonious fusion of scholarly insight and business acumen, Gunawan Jusuf, a seasoned author and CEO of the Sugar Group Companies, unveils his latest opus, “Blue Gold.” This comprehensive exploration delves into the intricate challenges surrounding clean water availability in Indonesia, elevating the discourse on environmental concerns.

Jusuf, a notable figure in the Indonesian business landscape, takes center stage as he meticulously dissects the complexities of ensuring access to uncontaminated, healthy water. “Blue Gold,” subtitled “Source of Life,” features seven meticulously crafted chapters adorned with nearly 100 images, offering readers an immersive and educational perspective on this critical issue.

Beyond his corporate leadership as the CEO of The Sugar Group Companies, Jusuf brings a wealth of academic experience from Universitas Gadjah Mada, where he is a distinguished alumnus. The book critically examines the interplay of governmental policies, water resource management, and the nuances of irrigation within the sugar cane industry, a sector of particular focus for Jusuf.

“Navigating Indonesia’s Water Woes: A Symphony by Gunawan Jusuf” stands as a testament to Jusuf’s commitment to shedding light on the multifaceted challenges surrounding water resources. This unique composition explores the intersection of business, environmental concerns, and governmental policies, offering readers a profound understanding of Indonesia’s water landscape.